KUBOTA M 7152 , 6.1 litre, 152 HP Boosting to 170HP, 50 KPH, 30F/15 R Powershift Transmission comes with Creep speed, Front axle suspension, Cab suspension, Instructor seat, 7” K Monitor and lsobus screen, Dromone Hydraulic push back PUH, 4 x rear remote valves, power beyond, Trailer air brakes c/w ABS, Single line hydraulic trailer braking, 10 piece work lamps, Twin beacons, front fenders, 2 PTO shafts,

Michelin 580/70 x 58 and 480/70 x 28 tyres, Chassis rails and Electric joystick for loader or linkage if fitted.

FREE 3000 hr 5 year Kubota care.
5 year 5000hr warranties are available.

Retail price £101,145. Now available at the summer deal price of £72,500

Contact Nick Pike on 01747 851344 or 07935 755987 or email: nick@egcoles.com

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