Estate Management

Finishing Mowers

picture.EstateManagement-0.0 Model TSM1 TSM2 TSM3
Cutting width 1,200mm (48″) 1,520mm (60″) 1,800mm (71″)
Overall width 1,250mm (50″) 1,575mm (62″) 1,850mm (74″)
Cutting height 25-100mm (1″-4″) 25-100mm (1″-4″) 25-100mm (1″-4″)
Rotors 3 3 3
Weight 169kg 184kg 227kg

Roller Mowers

picture.EstateManagement-0.1 Model RM1 135 RM2 180 RM3 244
Cutting width 1,350mm (54″) 1,810mm (71″) 2,450mm (96″)
Overall width 1,550mm (61″) 2,000mm (79″) 2,650mm (104″)
Cutting height 25-100mm (1″-4″) 25-100mm (1″-4″) 25-100mm (1″-4″)
Rotors 2 2 2
Weight 280kg 450kg 620kg

Topper Mowers

picture.EstateManagement-0.2 Model TM1 TM2 TM3
Cutting width 900mm (36″) 1,250mm (49″) 1,500mm (59″)
Overall width 1,050mm (41″) 1,400mm (55″) 1,650mm (65″)
Cutting height 25-125mm (1″-5″) 25-125mm (1″-5″) 25-125mm (1″-5″)
Rotors 1 1 1
Weight 160kg 200kg 240kg

Flail Mowers

picture.EstateManagement-0.3 Model TFM95 TFM120 TFM155 TFM180
Cutting width 950mm (37″) 1,250mm (49″) 1,550mm (61″) 1,800mm (71″)
Overall width 1,400mm (55″) 1,700mm (67″) 2,000mm (79″) 2,250mm (88″)
Cutting height 10-100mm 10-100mm 10-100mm 10-100mm
Weight 250kg 300kg 350kg 380kg

Grass Collectors 1

picture.EstateManagement-0.4 Model GCD400F GCD680F GCD900F
To fit F1900 F80 F Series
Capacity 400L 660L 850L
Bags/Hopper Hopper Hopper Hopper
Lift Height N/A 2.09m 2.2m
Emptying operation Manual from seat Hydraulic from seat Hydraulic from seat

Grass Collectors 2

picture.EstateManagement-0.5 Model GCD450H GCD650H GCD650T GCD750H
To fit BX2350 BX2350 B30, STV STV
Capacity 450L 660L 650L 700L
Bags/Hopper Hopper Hopper Hopper Hopper
Lift Height 1.6m N/A N/A 1.9m
Emptying operation Hydraulic from seat Hydraulic from seat Hydraulic from seat Hydraulic from seat

Sweeper Collectors

picture.EstateManagement-0.6 Model TSC120 TSC180
Capacity 1.35m3 2.00m3
Dump height 1,200mm (47″) 1,200mm (47″)
Overall width 1,450mm (57″) 2,050mm (81″)
Working width 1,200mm (47″) 1,800mm (71″)
PTO 540rpm 540rpm
Weight 395kg 560kg

Flat Ballast Rollers

picture.EstateManagement-0.7 Model FR1 FR2 FR3 FR4
Overall width 1.22m 1.52m 1.52m 1.83m
Diameter 406mm 406mm 508mm 508mm
Plate 6mm 6mm 6mm 6mm
Weight empty 120kg 150kg 220kg 260kg
Weight with ballast 240kg 350kg 520kg 620kg

Fertiliser Spreaders

picture.EstateManagement-0.8 Model SP150 XL250 XL300 XL500
Overall width 760mm 1,016mm 1,090mm 1,180mm
Weight 60kg 55kg 60kg 60kg
Max. laden weight 170kg 340kg 400kg 650kg
Capacity 150L 250L 300L 450L
Spread distance 2-6m 6-18m 6-18m 6-18m
Drive Ground wheel PTO PTO PTO

Sweepers SW2 Roadway and Pavement Sweepers

  • Overall width 1,750mm (62″)
  • Working width 1,575mm (69″)
  • PTO 540rpm
  • Height adjustment by multi-position legs
  • Replaceable polypropylene Brushes


Snow Clearing Blades – SB1 and SB2

  • Working width 1,350mm
  • Angling – Manual
  • Lift – Hydraulic
  • Mounting – Front
  • Optional hydraulic angling available on SB1 and SB2

Salt Spreaders – KG80 and MT80

  • Working width 800mm
  • Hopper Capacity 210L (KG80), 220L (MT80)
  • Mounting 3-point linkage